The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Ideal Façade for Your Commercial Building

A façade says a lot about your business. Besides the aesthetic value, commercial façades play several other crucial functions. For instance, they provide an interface between your inside and outdoor commercial space, control UV radiation and solar gain, provide thermal and acoustic insulation and promote weatherproofing. However, it's imperative to invest in a well-designed façade to enjoy all these benefits. Since every business is unique, you will need to select one that best suits your needs. However, this isn't always straightforward because façades are available in different styles and designs. Therefore, here is a quick guide to help you choose the best.

Know Why You Need a Façade

Facades have multiple functions. Therefore, focusing on the purpose or need for one goes a long way in helping you find the right one for your business. Generally, aesthetic value tends to be among the top reasons you want a façade on your commercial building. Therefore, consider aspects like colour and style. On the other hand, you may also want a façade to control air permeability, minimise solar gain, resist wind action, promote thermal and acoustic insulation and so on. For such applications, pay extra attention to the façade material you choose.

Understand Local Building Regulations

Local building codes and regulations are also crucial when planning to add a commercial façade. Your façade must be compliant with all building laws and regulations in your area. These regulations are generally put in place to ensure safety. For instance, your façade may need to be compliant with specific hygiene standards, fire safety, earthquake resistance, wind resistance, easy access for the disabled and other factors. All these aspects will significantly impact your façade's design, style and other crucial components like the choice of material. Therefore, check with your local council to find out all the applicable building laws and regulations.

Decide On Your Materials

Your choice of material will determine how strong, aesthetically pleasing, durable and energy-efficient your façade will be. Therefore, you must choose wisely. Masonry, concrete, glass and metal are the top options to choose from when considering the material. Masonry facades comprise materials like tiles, stones and brick. These materials are durable and flexible. In addition, they give a natural look to your building and stand up well against extreme temperatures and moisture. However, they can be labour-intensive and expensive. Other options like glass are ideal where lighting is a top priority. However, they require regular maintenance and protection from solar radiation. Therefore, evaluate the pros and cons of each material carefully before you decide.