3 Ways To Break Out Some Colour And Flair In A Minimalist Style Room

Minimalism has dominated the interior design scene for several years now. However, recent trends have seen a slight swing away from the purist view of minimalism and are embracing the re addition of colour, pattern and texture to soften and brighten the look. If your home is one of the many around the country that is decorated with minimalist style, then you might be hoping to break away from the somewhat stark style with a new look.

Timber Flooring: Three Simple Tips for Repairing Scratches

Scratches will compromise the appeal of your timber floor. Therefore, you must be diligent in protecting the wooden surfaces against this form of deterioration. In simple terms, you should minimise contact between damaging materials and your interior timber flooring. For example, you can manage the risk of scratching by placing mats at the doors and limiting the use of outdoor shoes indoors. In addition, it is important to avoid dragging heavy objects across the floors.

Blind Styles You Could Choose For Closely Spaced Windows

If you have been contemplating changing your window furnishings from regular old curtains to something more visually stimulating, you could be considering investing in window blinds. These treatments have seen a steady rise in popularity among Australians, as they are not only aesthetically appealing but also much easier to maintain than curtains. Moreover, blinds come in such a wide selection of designs that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to customising your home according to its individual personality.

How to Choose the Best Awning for Your Home's Exterior

An awning can add a splash of colour and pattern to your home's exterior, creating a space that is unique and personal to you. An awning can also be a safeguard against the elements, protecting the home's windows and outdoor area from rain, snow and the heat of direct sunlight. While you might think of awnings as being overly large, with bold, wide stripes, there is actually a wide number of awning materials and styles from which to choose, both for providing cover or for being just decorative.

Design and Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

Small spaces can be challenging to decorate, as oversized furniture and lots of accessories might make a room seem cosy and inviting, but they can easily overwhelm a small space, making it look cluttered and busy instead. Too many pieces in a limited space can also interfere with foot traffic, so you can't even move around the room without bumping into something. To ensure your small space looks finished and decorated without being cluttered and cramped, note a few design and decorating tips to keep in mind.