3 Ways To Break Out Some Colour And Flair In A Minimalist Style Room

Minimalism has dominated the interior design scene for several years now. However, recent trends have seen a slight swing away from the purist view of minimalism and are embracing the re addition of colour, pattern and texture to soften and brighten the look.

If your home is one of the many around the country that is decorated with minimalist style, then you might be hoping to break away from the somewhat stark style with a new look. Fortunately, it's not too difficult to add some flair and personality to a minimalist style room. Here are three simple and inexpensive ways to do this which involve very little time, mess or disruption.

1. Add some decorative blinds

Blinds are the darlings of minimalist window dressings because they're simple, sleek and unobtrusive. However, instead of neutral white or grey blinds, you can replace them with some decorative versions that still have all the practicality but are a little more fun.

For something simple yet vibrant, indoor blinds in a single hue are a great way to add a splash of colour to a room. For something a bit bolder and more ornate, blinds with floral patterns, foliage motifs or geometric designs will look amazing.

2. Add a sumptuous floor rug

Whether your minimalist style floor is timber, tile, or carpet, it's most likely very simple, neutral and unoffensive. Replacing flooring is a costly and disruptive project, and it's also not necessary to give your plain floor a little more pizzazz and character. Adding a decadent, sumptuous and visually striking floor rug can transform a simple floor into something striking.

Floor rugs are another great opportunity to inject a bold, bright colour into a neutral room. If you're looking for texture and voluptuousness, a faux fur rug will be ideal. Floor rugs that blend pattern and colour with some glistening metallic threads woven through are also a rich, contemporary and elegant look.

3. Add a feature wall

Paint is the fastest and most effective way to give a room an entirely different look and feel. Repainting an entire room is a fairly substantial project that you may not have the time, money or energy to undertake. However, repainting a single wall to create a focal feature is relatively quick and easy.

A striking and vibrant feature wall in a room with otherwise neutral paint will make a beautiful contrast to the rest of the space. You can opt for a subtle colour, such as teal or sky blue, or go bigger and bolder with an on-trend gemstone inspired colour, such as emerald, ruby or topaz. Metallic paints are also hugely popular right now and make a dazzling and eye-catching choice for a feature wall.