Design and Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

Small spaces can be challenging to decorate, as oversized furniture and lots of accessories might make a room seem cosy and inviting, but they can easily overwhelm a small space, making it look cluttered and busy instead. Too many pieces in a limited space can also interfere with foot traffic, so you can't even move around the room without bumping into something. To ensure your small space looks finished and decorated without being cluttered and cramped, note a few design and decorating tips to keep in mind.

Avoiding oversized furniture

If you love overstuffed couches and chairs, pare these down to something upholstered but not overly large, then use toss pillows and cushions to add more softness and comfort without creating a cramped space. Scale down the side tables in a living room or by your bed; opt for smaller lamps for these tables so you still have room for other items without needing oversized accent tables.

Choose furniture that does double duty

An ottoman can double as a footstool and coffee table so you can relax with needing clearance in the space for a recliner. You might also choose a coffee table with baskets under the surface for storing books and magazines so you don't need a bookcase in the room. Bench seating along a wall can provide both a place to sit and storage under the bench.

Removing furniture

Hang a flatscreen TV on the wall rather than putting it on an entertainment centre so you can remove the television console altogether. A daybed can allow for seating and sleeping in the same room so you can make a studio apartment or a child's room workable for living and for entertaining.

Get pieces off the floor

Install an overhead lighting fixture in a small room so you can remove floor lamps. If you must have a shelf for books and other pieces, run a long shelf horizontally across a wall, at the same height as the doorframe. This will keep the floor space open while still providing the accent pieces you need in that space.

Window treatments

Avoid curtains and drapes in a small space, as they will almost always seem too large and will get in the way of foot traffic. Opt for shutters, as these sit inside the window frame and take up very little space. You can even have wood shutters painted to add some personality to your small space without overwhelming it with too much colour.