Common metal finishes used in electroplating

To obtain desired results in any interior design project, the designer will often have to alter the colouring and texture of the objects he works with. For example, changing the visual aspect of a wall could be as simple as re-painting in another shade, while substituting differently coloured cushions will drastically transform the visual appeal of sofa sets. However, adapting the metal finishes of objects to the design theme may prove problematic. This is because of the impracticality of painting or shrouding them. Examples are metal air vents and sink tops. To ensure that you have a ready and wide choice of colour in your metal finishes, manufacturers use electroplating technologies. From an interior designer's viewpoint, electroplating is the process where a layer of a metal having good visual character is deposited on a bland metallic object. Electroplating allows you to realize smooth, stylish, and colourful metal finishes, while allowing you to retain the strength profile of the metal underneath. Additionally, electroplating done with gold or silver will give a convincing aura of expensive taste to a room. Below are some of the metals used in electroplating, and their peculiar characteristics.


Chrome is arguably the most used metal in electroplating. In interior designs, it commonly used on sinks due to its corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning. Its hardness resists wear of sink surface due to constant friction with utensils. Its silvery sheen is exploited in furniture trimmings, picture frames and even electronic equipment bezels.


Due to its smoothness, brass is commonly used in electroplating cabinet and door handles. Its close resemblance to gold makes it the preferred electroplating metal for chandeliers, lamp stands and other metallic objects that often fall in the line of view of a room's occupant. Metal finishes of brass electroplating can be polished to a high sheen.


In interior design themes where brightness is primary to other considerations, nickel comes second after silver. It gives your metal finishes a high sheen coupled alongside greater resistance to abrasion. Nickel electroplating is also a favourite in faucets sinks and washbasins due to its corrosion resistance. Its brightness is exploited in coat racks and hat stands


Gold is the most expensive of all electroplating metals. It imparts high taste to metal finishes, but it is prone to wear if used on items that require frequent handling, such as door knobs. Chandeliers are among the items usually enhanced with gold electroplating.

Besides the aesthetic benefits of electroplating to metal finishes, durability and hygiene are also realized