Have Window Security That Looks Great With These 3 Attractive Screen Ideas

Having a safe and secure home is a high priority for most homeowners in Australia. Installing security screens on the windows of your home is an effective way to ensure that your windows don't provide an easy access point for intruders. Security window screens are a practical addition but unfortunately, many styles do little to enhance the look of your home. If you want the security of screens but still want an aesthetically pleasing home, then here are three solid and secure window security screens that are worth considering.

1. Wrought iron window screens

Wrought iron screens are a decorative and traditional material that can be used for making your windows more secure. They are ideal for colonial style homes but can add warmth and charm to other styles of home as well. Victorian or Art Deco inspired designs are great for a classic and elegant look, or you can choose a more modern design that gives your home a contemporary look.

Wrought iron provides a sturdy and durable safety barrier for your windows that is very difficult to break through. A strong metal mesh fitted onto the window side of the screen will also help to keep intruders of the insect variety at bay.

2. Laser cut window screens

Laser cut screens are fabricated using metal alloys that are strong, durable and secure. These screens are made by using a laser to cut ornate patterns out of the sheets of metal instead of the regular combination of steel mesh over aluminium frames.

You can choose from a large variety of designs, from classic and simple through to edgy and modern. To add some vibrancy and uniqueness to your screens, you can choose laser cut screens in a variety of oxidised colours to suit your personal preferences and to complement your home's existing colour scheme.

3. Invisible steel mesh window screens

If you prefer a more a more sleek and streamlined look, then invisible mesh window screens could be an excellent option. This type of screen uses tough stainless steel mesh to create a secure but unobtrusive barrier for your windows.

The steel mesh used is strong enough to not require a supportive frame which helps to give the screen a minimalist look and make it virtually invisible. This helps to provide an unrestricted view to the outdoors from inside your home and has minimal impact on the exterior architectural design.