Solving the Messy Clutter Dilemma: Creative Built-In Ideas for a Shared Kids Room

A shared kids' room is likely to fill up with stuff very quickly. Also, a shared kids' room requires space for activities such as homework, instrumental practice, bedtime stories and the famous slumber parties.  Sometimes it can prove difficult to squeeze it all in.

When it comes to making the most out of a shared kids' room design, built-ins can be what you need. There is something about existing furniture that adds function while creating the perfect solution for your messy clutter dilemma.

Also, built-ins allow you the freedom of designing them with personality and unlimited creativity which makes them functional and one-of-a-kind. Here are creative built-ins ideas to install in your shared kid's room.

Built-in desks

There is a classic style and necessary functionality and purpose that comes with a built-in desk. The space in front of a window presents an excellent opportunity for a creative built in desk. You can also include a built in bookshelf in the corner next to your built-in desk.  

This combination makes most of the view and provides a space for handling serious tasks such as long division and art projects.

Built in bunk beds

Bunk beds rise to the occasion when your kids' share a room or during sleep overs. Built in bunk beds also allow you the freedom of including a staircase that is easy to navigate than the typical ladder.

Also, filling a space with built in bunk beds opens up valuable floor space for desks, furniture, storage and play areas.

Built in loft beds

Loft beds allow you the vertical freedom of creating a space for sleeping, playing and stowing away your kids' stuff. Raising the beds up off the ground allows you to create room for a desk, a play area, a storage area and more.

Built in wardrobes

Built in wardrobes offer intelligent, efficient use of shared space, especially in an irregularly shaped kids' room. They present an intelligent solution to the unused awkward corners where your kids are always throwing their toys. Also, you can customise your wardrobe to include a kids' workstation.

Say goodbye from cleaning dust bunnies out from underneath your kids' free standing wardrobe by installing a fitted wardrobe that encourages the inclusion of unused space.

A built in reading nook

Consider adding a nook in the space between the built in wardrobe and the window. A nook makes a comfortable and cute space to cuddle up and read for your kids.