Reasons Your Living Room Should Have Roller Blinds

For homeowners everywhere, curtains and drapes are a staple in their homes as this is the traditional way they know how to furnish their windows. Additionally, curtains also make it easy for you to match your upholstery to your window treatments, so it has remained an attractive option. Nevertheless, curtains may slowly start to lose their appeal as people begin to realise that shutters offer more advantages without compromising on the visual appeal of the space. One of the options that are steadily gaining a fan base is roller blinds. With living rooms typically having the largest windows in the home, here are some of the reasons why your living room should have roller blinds.

Reduction of glare

Australia tends to be sunny for most times of the year. Although this is great weather, the intensity of the sun can become a nuisance in the home. With curtains, you would have to keep them drawn shut to prevent the intense light from making the interior of your home uncomfortable. However, this would also translate into making your living room dark. To ensure that your illumination is not compromised, you should install roller blinds. These types of shutters provide you with the flexibility to control the amount of light streaming into your residence, which ensures you can watch television or work on your computer with ease. Secondly, decreased glare in the home also prolongs the lifespan of your upholstered furniture and carpeting, as they will be protected from excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Reduction of noise

Sometimes, especially during the weekend, noise from your neighbourhood may be a significant nuisance in your home. Not only can this noise make it hard for you to relax, but it can also affect your ability to concentrate in the event you thought you might get some work done while at home. If you are looking for a quick an easy solution for noise reduction, roller blinds would be a good choice. Since these shutters are fitted flush against your windows, they create an additional barrier. The roller blinds may not insulate you against noise as efficiently as double glazed windows would, but you will notice a considerable change in the noise levels from the outdoors.

Reduction of maintenance

Curtains are dust receptacles. Since they are made from fabric, not only will they attract dust, pollutants, mites and other allergens, but they will also harbour these contaminants in their fabric. Thus, you would have to clean them regularly if you would like to ensure allergies in your home are not aggravated. Roller blinds, on the other hand, are a low maintenance alternative. Materials such as aluminium and vinyl do not absorb dirt and only need occasional wiping to keep dust at bay.